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Vat Manager Plus


Vat Manager Plus will send an alert direct to mobile if your milk is not cooling quickly enough, so you can take immediate action to protect your income. Keep track of current milk temperatures and historical cooling trends by accessing your farm information online anywhere via PC or smart device. When it comes to audit time, simply print a report directly from the online system.


Text message and email milk temperature alerts are dispatched as soon as an issue is detected. 
Unit includes a flashing LED and audible buzzer for onsite alerts (optional pit lights are available for inside the shed).
Features a large digital display and easily viewable temperature information.
Temperatures can be viewed in MiHub for Milk Cooling Management and memory log provides data access at any time using a PC, smartphone or tablet.
Reports can be printed and dispatched from the online system to easily meet compliance with system performance monitoring required by NZCP1.
Milk inlet temperature monitoring to assist in monitoring precooling system performance and in-vat temperature monitoring
Controls all vat refrigeration components including sidewall refrigeration.
Upgradeable to Vat Manager Auto

Text and email alerts include:

Vat too hot
After a hot wash, you are not able to turn on the refrigeration until the vat has cooled down, otherwise you may damage your equipment.

Milk too cold
The temperature in the vat has fallen below the minimum setting. 

Wash temperature
The wash water has not reached the minimum temperature setting

Hardware fault
A fault code will display to enable Tru-Test technical services to diagnose the problem.

Too long to cool
The milk is not down to temperature within the set cooling time.

Mains lost
The mains power supply has failed. Temperatures will continue to be monitored for 24 hours, however the power to the refrigeration unit and agitator should be investigated and restored as soon as possible.

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