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Vat Manager Auto

Vat Manager Auto: A vat monitor and controller in one that automatically turns refrigeration on and alerts you to milk cooling issues wherever you are.

Milk protection Made easy.

Be alerted to issues real-time and know exactly what’s going on with your milk cooling wherever you are. Intelligent vat sensors ensure refrigeration is turned on at the right time. If you have multiple tanks, Vat Manager Auto will let you know when a vat is getting full so you can make the switch and avoid over-filling. Receive alerts direct to mobile. If something goes wrong with your cooling you can take immediate action to protect your income. Keep track of current milk temperatures, vat volumes and historical cooling trends by accessing your information online anywhere via PC or smart device. When it comes to audit time, simply print a report directly from the online system.


Auto-on refrigeration starts vat refrigeration when sufficient milk is present in the vat
Volume measurement detects the milk level in the vat and alerts you if your vat is becoming full
Text and email messages alert you to milk cooling and plant fault issues
Includes MiHub for Milk Cooling Management




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