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ProCool™ Water

Save time and hassle with a complete all-in-one pre-cooling water chiller solution.

Thermal storage systems use a large storage tank to hold and chill a large volume of water. They are easily installed and maintained and currently are the most common form of farm pre-cooling system in New Zealand.

Save time and hassle with a complete all-in-one pre-cooling water chiller solution including a plug-in chiller unit with the option of a pre-plumbed water holding tank. 

The mix and match system can be configured to meet your farming needs.

All components are designed for optimum system performance. All components, fittings and polyethylene pipes are included and delivered to farm ready for install, reducing time and cost. The pre-welded plastic joins in the tank reduce likelihood of leaks.

Heat recovery can be added to your water chiller to efficiently heat your dairy shed water.

With our post installation check and report you will be confident of this system’s pre-cooling performance.


3 sizes of water chillers (17kW, 27kW, 33kW)
3 sizes of tanks (regional variations: North Island 10,000L, 25,000L, 30,000L; South Island 15,000L, 25,000L, 30,000L)
All-in-one system includes refrigeration unit, tank and plate heat exchanger configured to meet your farm’s needs
Pre-fitted with pipe connectors for quick and easy installation
Optional heat recovery

Includes a post installation check and report on the systems performance




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