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ProCool™ Plate Cooler

Primary, secondary, single and double bank exchangers in a standing frame.

The plate cooler is an essential item for any milk cooling system. These should be selected based on peak milk flow rates and when sized correctly should achieve a 2° difference between the water inlet temperature and milk out temperature. Flow rate is the peak milk flow rate expected during a milking session and will vary depending on the shed configuration, milking time and milk volumes.

Single bank primary plate coolers are used to cool milk using ground water. Single bank secondary plate coolers are used when you already have an efficient primary plate cooler but want to add ProCool water, ProCool ice or ProCool glycol to improve your cooling performance.

Double bank plate coolers combine both the primary and secondary stages in one frame


12 sizes available single primary, single secondary and double bank options
2000 L/hr, 4000 L/hr, 6000 L/hr and 8000 L/hr flow rates
End-to-end service providing expert advice, components, installation and ongoing support