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Date: 19/01/2018

Optimise the productive impact of in-shed feed


“With the information the Tru-Test system’s gathering on each cow, we’re making more efficient use of our expensive feed along withour grass, whether it’s abundant or tight.”

Feeding to production makes economic sense. No more so, when weather conditions affect feed availability. With dry conditions predicted for this summer, and the increasing effects of global warming being felt, there is no better time to be reviewing your feed budgeting and allocation tools and processes.

Tru-Test’s modular dairy automation system is designed to offer farmers the automation tools as and when they are of most value to your business and budget.

Our In-Bail ID and Feed Control module enables dairy farmers to preferentially feed selected individual cows or groups by preferred criteria, e.g. best producers, pre or post-calving, to efficiently target manage the condition of your cows.

With access to your data online, you can set up feed delivery rules and change feeding regimes quickly and without having to be in shed. In fact, you can manage your feed allocation from any where there is an internet connection.

The In-bail ID & Feed Control module is designed to ensure you get the best return for each dollar spent on supplementary in-shed feed.

For Geoff Batchelor from Opunake, investing in Tru-Test’s In-bail ID and Feed Control module has enabled him to manage his feed inputs more closely and effectively.

“It was always in the back of my mind to be able to feed to production. Getting to the end of lactation we can identify our higher producing cows using information from the In-line Sensors and those who are getting light from our Walk over Weighing. Making sure we focus feed the right cows and make the right decisions on under performers based on their history.

We’ve always had in-bale feeding but were doing it blindly and blanket feeding. Now with the information the Tru-Test system’s gathering on each cow, we’re making more efficient use of our expensive feed along with our grass, whether it’s abundant or tight. We’re also able to better allocate to get the production from the cows putting it in the vat”.


Effectively managing feed inputs can deliver significant cost savings as well as being a saving grace in times of feed restrictions.