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It’s time the unsung hero of New Zealand Dairy Farms, the stainless-steel milk vat, had a makeover. Tru-Test Dairy Solutions is pleased to announce several practical and technical improvements to our range of farm milk holding tanks (vats). 

Never forget to turn on your refrigeration again. In fact, with Vat Manager Auto, the latest technology from Tru-Test Dairy Solutions, you will never need to remember!

Even with a good primary cooling source, you want certainty your milk will be at the right temperature when the tanker arrives.

“A high in-calf rate is pretty important for me, good healthy cows and trying to be as environmentally friendly as we can be.” Those are the three big drivers for Jonathan Power to get an autodrafter for his farm.

Optimum milk quality doesn’t have to cost you more. A PKE squeeze is on its way for farmers.

Beware: when farm refrigeration equipment breaks down, repair or replacement can be very expensive — and is becoming more so.

Keeping a sharp eye on your herd is more critical now than ever before in the New Zealand Dairy Industry. Farmers are on high-alert to seek out any signal of changing cattle health. Reliable livestock management tools will help you and your staff monitor your herd and maintain the quality of New Zealand milk. 

Understanding your cattle’s BCS with MiHub Herd Management Software will help you make critical decisions about which cows to dry off and which cows to milk through. This will help ensure good calving and mating outcomes for the following season.

Last summer, we had soaring heat across the country. Hot temperatures and warm ground water at the same time as peak flow had refrigeration systems straining and farmers demanding a milk cooling solution.

New Zealand’s dairy industry has been feeling the effects of an aging population and urban drift for some time now. As New Zealand’s minimum wage increases and immigration rules change, Tru-Test can help farmers adapt to the changes with dairy automation in the shed.