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Walk Over Weighing

Monitor individual cow weight trends for health and feed management.

Walk Over Weighing records weights as cows move through the exit race after every milking. Allowing you to keep a close eye on individual cow condition for drying-off and mating and make fact-based decisions around feed.


Non-slip weighing platform provides grip and prevents cows skidding
Robust load bars are built for the tough shed environment
Integrates with MiHub™ Dairy Herd Management Software to produce weight reports to
help with:
  • weight gain in preparation for mating
  • monitoring weight leading into dry-off
  • help detecting health problems
  • support body condition scoring


  • WOW2 Weigh Scale
  • MP600 Load Bars
  • 2.5 m long, 500mm (walking surface) wide WOW Cattle Platform with non-slip mat
  • EID Reader and Antenna protected by a slim-line galvanized steel reader shield
  • MiHub Dairy Herd Management Software
  • Command unit which connects in-shed actions with MiHub Dairy Herd Management Software


  • Rotary or herringbone