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In-line Sensor

Manage BMSCC and monitor individual cow yield trends.

Sensors installed on each bail will help you to monitor individual cow mastitis risks and production yield as well as keep an eye on milking plant and CIP performance.


Integrates with MiHub™ Dairy Herd Management Software to
  • Identify cows with the highest risk of developing mastitis
  • Rank individual cows against the herd, so you can address high and low performers
In-shed display and keypad to
  • View, manage and set alerts i.e mastitis, lameness, damaged teats
  • View, manage and record treatments and be alerted to withhold alerts
  • View herd group information
In-line design with no moving parts, no reagent and is cleaned by your CIP system
Frequent results with readings taken at every milking means you won’t be making decisions based on one off testing


  • Sensors mounted in-line at every bail
  • In-bail EID Reader and Antenna
  • In-shed display and keypad
  • Audible buzzer and pullcord
  • MiHub Plus Dairy Herd Management Software
  • Command unit which connects in-shed actions with MiHub Plus Dairy Herd Management Software



  • Rotary