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Full Rotary System

Monitor all aspects of production and herd health in-shed and online.

Achieve new levels of productivity and profitability with a full automation system which provides total visibility of herd performance so you can take action to maximise returns.

Full Rotary System includes:

In-line Sensor Module
  • Sensors mounted in-line at every bail
In-bail Identification Module
  •  In-bail EID Reader and Antenna
Feed Control Module
  • Feed Controller
Walk over Weighing Module
  • WOW2 Weigh Scale
  • MP600 Load Bars
  • 2.5 m long, 500mm (walking surface) wide WOW Cattle Platform with non-slip mat
Autodrafter Module
  • Pneumatic galvanized-steel drafting gate
  • Controller with long tether
  • EID Reader and Antenna protected by a slim-line galvanized steel reader shield
   Also includes:
  • In-shed display and keypad
  • Audible buzzer and pullcord
  • MiHub™ Plus Dairy Herd Management Software
  • Command unit which connects in-shed actions with MiHub Dairy Herd Management Software


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