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In-bail Identification

View and manage individual cow information in-shed and online through electronic identification.

In-bail Identification gives you real-time individual cow information so you can action on-the-spot animal management decisions.


In-shed display and keypad to
  • View, manage and set alerts i.e mastitis, lameness, damaged teats
  • View, manage and record treatments and be alerted to withhold alerts
  • View herd group information
  • Receive alerts for penicillin cows
In-bail Electronic Identification Panel Reader for recording cow numbers, herd groups and identify missing cows
Integrates with MiHub™ Dairy Herd Management Software


  • In-bail EID Reader and Antenna
  • In-shed display and keypad
  • Pullcord and audible buzzer
  • MiHub Dairy Herd Management Software
  • Command unit which connects in-shed actions with MiHub Dairy Herd Management Software


  • Rotary