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Case Studies

  • Join Nick on farm as he talks about how challenging climate conditions meant he needed extra help getting his milk to the right temperature for pickup.

  • Join Duncan Scott to hear how In-shed Automation has helped save on labour, staff mistakes, animal health and herd testing for future generations on the family farm.

  • Join Jen as she talks about how her team use their Weighing and Identification system to maintain healthy stock weight, utilise feed better and save by breeding good stock

  • Join Stephen on farm as he talks about how he sleeps easier at night after adding a ProCool Water precooling system with hot water recovery into his new shed.

  • Join Linnet on farm as she talks about how Tru-Test Electronic Identification and Autodrafting has helped her team take control of their records.

  • Join Gary as he talks about how installing Dairy Automation in their herringbone shed helped them save a full labour unit and increase production by 30,000 milk solids.

  • Mark Hamill Dairy Automation

    Join Mark on farm as he talks about how Dairy Automation has helped manage his herd's health

  • Kerry Waters shares how he is getting big production results from his 350-cow herd using a MilkHub Rotary Sensor system to help monitor cows and analyse their performance.

  • A season average bulk somatic cell count of 75,000 would be good for any dairy farm, but for a first-year conversion it’s extraordinary. Richard Pearce shares his achievement.

  • Gary Armstrong, Rangatira Maori Trust sharemilker, shares how the introduction of automation has revolutionised how things get done in-shed, saving time, money and labour.

  • Dean Boros combines Tru-Test weighing and EID systems with FarmHQ’s data service to generate stock weight and animal performance reports, keeping shareholders up to date.

  • Seriously weighing since 1992, Matt Holden from Kelso Tutu Totara explains how investing in a Tru-Test weighing and EID kit revolutionised how they do things with their stud and commercial flocks.

  • Debra Kirkham overcomes the challenges of integrating weighing and EID technology into her bobby calf business, reaping the benefits of performance gain tracking and meeting NAIT obligations.